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Name OGWhatsApp Pro
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Size 70MB
Version v17.51
MOD Info Premium Unlocked Feature
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OGWhatsApp Pro – The Ultimate Modded Messaging App


OGWhatsApp Pro is an advanced modded version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. It provides users with many additional features and customization options compared to the official WhatsApp app.

With over 500 million active users worldwide, OGWhatsApp Pro has become one of the most popular WhatsApp mods available today. Its developers have added powerful capabilities like customized themes, increased file-sharing limits, scheduled messages, dual accounts, and much more.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about OGWhatsApp Pro – its history, top features, installation process, and more. Whether you are an experienced mod user or just learning about OGWhatsApp for the first time, this article will help you maximize your experience with this fantastic messaging app mod.

A Brief History of OGWhatsApp Pro

To understand OGWhatsApp Pro, we must first learn about its origins. Back in 2013, the developers at XDA – a popular community forum for Android developers – created one of the first WhatsApp mod apps called OGWhatsApp.

This original version added new capabilities like theme support and tweaks to the user interface. As OGWhatsApp gained popularity over the years, two different teams of developers started enhancing the mod with more features:

OGWhatsApp Pro by Alex Mods

Alex Mods is a development team led by a Russian developer called Alex. They took the original OGWhatsApp app as a base and built it on top of it by adding advanced features like anti-revoke messages, online status hiding, enlarged file sharing, and more.

Apart from OGWhatsApp, Alex Mods have also created other popular WhatsApp mods like WhatsApp Plus, FMWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Aero.

OGWhatsApp Pro by HeyMods

In parallel, another development team called HeyMods started working on their own fork of OGWhatsApp. They added capabilities like message scheduling, full chat backups, video calling, and an improved theming engine.

HeyMods have also built other mods like YOWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, AeroWhatsApp, and FouadWhatsApp.

With continuous improvements over the years by both Alex Mods and HeyMods, OGWhatsApp Pro has evolved into one of the most feature-rich WhatsApp mods available today.

Key Benefits and Features of OGWhatsApp Pro

Now that we’ve learned about its history, let’s explore why 500+ million users love OGWhatsApp Pro and what makes it better than the official WhatsApp app:

Fully Customizable Chat Interface

One of the biggest advantages of OGWhatsApp Pro is the ability to fully customize your chat interface. You can tweak small details like chat bubbles, tick styles, font colors, and even major elements like the call buttons, emojis, and more.

This level of customization is not possible in the official WhatsApp app. So if you like giving your chats a unique look, OGWhatsApp is the perfect mod for you.

100% Anti-Ban Version

When mod apps get very popular, WhatsApp’s developers often try to get them banned across app stores and platforms. This is done to protect WhatsApp’s intellectual property.

But OGWhatsApp Pro has been built in a way that makes it an “anti-ban” mod. The developers ensure they do not infringe on WhatsApp’s copyrights. This makes the mod safer to use than some others that get banned frequently.

Read Deleted Messages

We’ve all wished we could see messages that the sender deleted or revoked. Well, with OGWhatsApp Pro you actually can!

It includes an “Anti-Revoke” feature that lets you view deleted messages in both private and group chats. You’ll never again regret not reading a message before the sender deleted it.

Prevent Deletion of Status Updates

Similarly, OGWhatsApp Pro also lets you recover and view statuses even if the user deletes them. You can even download statuses to your device before they get deleted or expire.

So you’ll never again miss out on a friend’s status just because they deleted it before you saw it.

Massive Collection of Themes

What good is customization without great themes to use? OGWhatsApp Pro gives you access to a huge collection of over 1000 themes to completely change the look and feel of your app.

The options range from cool abstract designs to popular anime characters, brands, games, and more. You can even create your own theme and share it with others.

Hide Online Status from Contacts

On official WhatsApp, your contacts can see when you were last online or currently online. OGWhatsApp Pro lets you disable this easily so you can privately read chats without anyone knowing you’re online.

This gives you much-needed privacy and prevents contacts from assuming you’re ignoring them just because you were online.

Call and Message Without Saving Numbers

Normally you can only call or text someone on WhatsApp after saving their number in your phone’s contacts. But OGWhatsApp removes this limitation.

You can directly message or call any unsaved number within the app. This is useful when you need to quickly contact someone but don’t want to save their number. It’s also used by businesses for advertising.

Increased Group Name and Status Length

Official WhatsApp strangely limits group names to just 25 characters and status updates to 130 characters. OGWhatsApp Pro increases these limits significantly to 35 and 250 characters respectively.

The extra space allows you to set longer, more descriptive group names and write longer status posts.

Schedule Messages in Advance

Struggling to remember to text someone on time? OGWhatsApp’s schedule message feature takes care of this by letting you write messages now and send them automatically at a later preset time.

Whether it’s a birthday wish or a meeting reminder, you can write messages when convenient without worrying about when to send them.

Uniquely Customized Emojis and Stickers

Emojis are a fun way to express emotions and make chats lively. But the default WhatsApp emojis tend to get boring after a while.

OGWhatsApp gives you an expanded emoji library with thousands of unique emojis you won’t find in any other app. The customized stickers are also fun to spice up your chats.

Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Phone

If you need to manage two WhatsApp accounts on a single device, OGWhatsApp makes it possible through its dual apps feature.

You can have two independent OGWhatsApp installs logged into different accounts on the same phone. Easily switch between them whenever needed.

Share Files Up To 100MB

WhatsApp’s file-sharing limit is only 100MB. But OGWhatsApp Pro raises this limit significantly allowing you to send large documents, videos, PDFs, and any other files up to 100MB in size.

No more compromising on quality or using file compression while sharing media with friends. OGWhatsApp has got you covered!

Send Audio Files Up to 100MB

Similarly, you can send much longer audio files on OGWhatsApp compared to just 16MB on regular WhatsApp. Record and share high-quality long recordings without worrying about WhatsApp’s normal duration and size limits.

Share Live Location Quickly

In urgent situations where you need to share your live location with someone, OGWhatsApp Pro lets you do it with just one tap. Share your location while commuting, during emergencies, or any other time.

This handy feature can really be helpful when you need to convey your location quickly.

How to Download and Install OGWhatsApp Pro

Now that you know all about OGWhatsApp Pro and its awesome features, let’s look at how you can download and install it on your device:

Download the Latest OGWhatsApp Pro APK

First, you need to download the latest version of the OGWhatsApp Pro APK file. For best results, use reputable sites like Itsapk.com to get the latest working APK.

Make sure your Android version is 5.0 or higher before installing as OGWhatsApp does not support older Android versions.

Enable App Installation from “Unknown Sources”

Since OGWhatsApp Pro is not on the Play Store, you need to enable “Unknown Sources” on your Android device to allow installing third-party APKs.

Go to Settings > Security and enable the “Unknown Sources” permission. Just remember to disable it again after installing OGWhatsApp for security.

Install the OGWhatsApp APK on Your Device

Once you have downloaded the APK file and enabled the necessary permissions, you can easily install it on your Android phone.

Locate the APK file on your device storage and tap on it. Follow the installation prompts and accept the requested app permissions.

The installation process will complete within a few minutes.

Verify Your Phone Number

When you first launch the installed OGWhatsApp app, it will ask you to verify your phone number.

This is required to link your WhatsApp account and sync your chats. Enter your number and OTP code to complete the verification process.

Customize Settings and Start Chatting!

You are all set! OGWhatsApp Pro is now ready to use on your device. Customize the available settings to your liking and start enjoying next-level WhatsApp chatting!

And that’s it! By following these simple steps, you can install the latest OGWhatsApp Pro on your Android smartphone and take your messaging experience to new heights.

How to Install OGWhatsApp Pro on PC

Apart from Android phones, you can also install OGWhatsApp Pro on your Windows PC or Mac easily using Android emulators. Here is a quick process:

Install BlueStacks Android Emulator

BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator for PCs. Download and install BlueStacks on your computer from its official website. The emulator allows you to run Android apps on PC seamlessly.

Download OGWhatsApp APK File

Next, download the latest OGWhatsApp Pro APK file from reliable sources like Itsapk.com. Make sure to use the APK meant for Android, not iOS. Save the APK file on your computer.

Import APK File into BlueStacks

Now launch BlueStacks and import the downloaded APK file into it. You can either drag-and-drop the APK or use BlueStacks’ built-in APK installer.

Install OGWhatsApp via BlueStacks

This will install OGWhatsApp Pro on your computer just like it would on an Android phone. Follow the on-screen instructions during the installation process.

Verify your Phone Number and Start Using it!

Once installed, verify your phone number to link your WhatsApp account. OGWhatsApp Pro is now ready to use on your PC. Enjoy the same great features on a bigger screen!

Using the simple BlueStacks method, you can seamlessly run OGWhatsApp Pro on Windows and Mac computers and take advantage of the bigger screen real estate.

OGWhatsApp Pro – Older Versions and Updates

As with any popular app, OGWhatsApp Pro is periodically updated by its developers to introduce new features and improvements. Let’s look at some of its recent major versions:

v17.50 – August 2022 Update

This version focused on improving general performance and stability. Key highlights included smoother video calling, upgraded media sharing, faster chat loading, and bug fixes.

v17.45 – July 2022 Update

Major new additions in v17.45 included group voice calling support, private online status in groups, and media preview while sharing. It also contained smaller UI enhancements.

v17.40 – June 2022 Update

Version 17.40 added the ability to run OGWhatsApp Pro on tablets. It also improved group chat features and brought bug fixes and performance improvements.

v17.30 – May 2022 Update

Notable changes in v17.30 were customizable chat wallpapers, an improved doodle editor, the option to hide the Groups tab and superzoom video calling.

v17.20 – April 2022 Update

This release focused on improving security with end-to-end backup encryption and other privacy tools. It also featured some design touch-ups.

v17.10 – March 2022 Update

Version 17.10 upgraded the theming engine with new options. It also allowed using separate themes for chats and the app itself.

v17.00 – February 2022 Update

This was a major release that introduced video calling support along with major UI improvements and bug fixes.

As we can see, the OGWhatsApp Pro developers consistently deliver new updates every month to improve the app and give users the best experience. Make sure to always update to the latest version to enjoy all the new benefits.

User Reviews and Feedback on OGWhatsApp Pro

With over 500 million users globally, OGWhatsApp Pro has been tried and tested by people worldwide. Let’s see what real users are saying about their experience with this fantastic modded messaging app:

Ankit, Delhi

“I’ve tried many WhatsApp mods in the past, but OGWhatsApp is the most polished and feature-rich one I’ve used. Love the customizations, themes, and the ability to schedule messages. Chats also feel snappier overall. I highly recommend it!”

Sarah, London

“Being able to read deleted messages is a game-changer for me! No more FOMO when people delete chats. The huge collection of whacky themes and emojis also adds a fun element to messaging. Two thumbs up for OGWhatsApp!”

Kevin, Los Angeles

“Hiding online status and previewing links before opening them is super useful. Wish official WhatsApp had these privacy features. Video calling also works flawlessly. Overall, a great mod that makes WhatsApp much more powerful.”

Xia, Shanghai

“Used GBWhatsApp before but found it was getting banned often. Switched to OGWhatsApp Pro last month and am loving it so far. No issues and all features working perfectly! Recommended for a stable WhatsApp mod.”

Amelia, São Paulo

“Customer support has been very responsive the few times I faced any bugs or issues. OGWhatsApp Pro is updated frequently so problems get fixed quickly. Very impressive mod, makes me enjoy using WhatsApp so much more!”

As we can see from these users worldwide, the overwhelming verdict is that OGWhatsApp Pro takes the messaging experience to the next level through its powerful set of features and customizations. Millions of users rate it as one of the best WhatsApp mods available today.


To wrap up, OGWhatsApp Pro transforms WhatsApp into a highly customizable messaging app loaded with productivity, privacy, and entertainment features. With mods like anti-revoke messages, online status hiding, and scheduled messages, it provides the utility lacking in official WhatsApp.

At the same time, theming options, emoji packs, and doodles make chats more engaging. Dual apps, higher file sharing, and an intuitive interface improve the overall user experience. And timely updates by passionate developers keep optimizing OGWhatsApp with new capabilities.

For those seeking more than what regular WhatsApp offers, OGWhatsApp Pro is definitely worth trying out. Its rich features will supercharge your chatting and make messaging fun again!


Is OGWhatsApp Pro safe to use?

Yes, OGWhatsApp Pro is safe to use when downloaded from trusted sources. It is an ‘antiban’ mod meaning it is designed in a manner that does not infringe WhatsApp’s copyrights. This makes it less likely to get banned compared to some other mods.

Can I use OGWhatsApp Pro along with regular WhatsApp?

Absolutely. OGWhatsApp Pro works flawlessly alongside the official WhatsApp app. You can use and switch between both apps seamlessly on the same device.

Will my chats transfer from regular WhatsApp to OGWhatsApp Pro?

Yes, once you verify your phone number all your WhatsApp chat history will automatically transfer to OGWhatsApp Pro. Your data and chats are synced between both apps.

Is OGWhatsApp Pro completely free to use?

Yes, OGWhatsApp Pro is 100% free to download and use with all features enabled. There are no hidden charges or subscriptions. The developers earn through optional donations.

How do I update OGWhatsApp Pro to the latest version?

When a new update is released, you will get an in-app notification in OGWhatsApp Pro. Tap it and install the latest APK file to update to the newest version and enjoy the latest features.

Download OGWhatsApp Pro

Download (70MB)

You are now ready to download OGWhatsApp Pro for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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